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Hi there! We are OutGROW OutPLAY Oshawa owners Gabriela and Peter! Thank you for your interest in who we are! We are looking forward to meeting you too :)

Both of us are fun, creative and business-minded with a philanthropic side. We love traveling the world and meeting people from all over as well as experiencing different cultures, food, music and sites. We have been married since 2009 and have two beautiful daughters that keep our life full and fun and busy!

In business, Pete has been in the world of eCommerce for over 15 years, building and running several successful online stores that service customers around the world. Gabriela has over 17 years of Marketing and Communications experience with a focus in Public Relations.

When we became first time parents ourselves, we quickly learned the value of being a savvy shopper. Leila seemed to need so many new baby items and many of which she outgrew without even trying once! Shopping retail seemed crazy especially with inflated prices and quick use turnaround. OutGROW OutPLAY proved to be a super smart way to provide variety and value to our kids without spending a large sum of cash while that doing that. Plus, we love consigning our stuff too! It saves our home from filling up with unnecessary items and puts money back in our pocket so we can travel and explore with our girls.

Come meet us at the next OutGROW OutPLAY event!

Of course we wanted to buy everything Leila needed but we wanted to do so while saving as much money as possible so we could use it for other important things we wanted to do with Leila, like travel! Of course there were options that would require us to drive around the city and check out items from people's homes, but we found free time was hard to come by!

We have known Casandra and Richard for several years now, with Gabriela being long time friends and business associates of Casandra. We heard about OutGROW OutPLAY for several years now, and it finally made sense to get involved. The timing is perfect for us and we now GET IT! Before having a baby, this was all conceptual to us.

The simple idea of bringing together parents who want to buy or sell like-new childrenÂ’s items at a fair price is brilliant, relevant and a necessity. The concept of the redistribution of items from those that no longer need an item to those that do, allows for us as parents to be frugal and environmentally responsible. Does it get better than that!?

Today OutGROW OutPLAY's mission is to provide an opportunity for families and organizations coast-to-coast to earn and save money by reselling their gently-used childrenÂ’s items within a constantly evolving shopping environment that is fun, exciting and smart.

Consignors Corner

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